Casaempeño is not a virtual company that operates from an Internet website, it is a physical company with premises in two locations in the city of Marbella. Our main office is located in one of the most prestigious zones of the MARBELLA-MALAGA area, in Calle Ricardo Soriano. It is one of the largest premises in the area, with 3 floors, and the tightest security measures 24 hours a day. We can assure you that all of your jewellery will be secure during its time at Casaempeño.

Our company is registered in the mercantile registry: Ma-120030 volume 5188 book 4095 sheet 85 entry 1.

The staff at Casaempeño is comprised of people who hold Diplomas in Gemology, people who specialise in valuations and who are accredited by the IGE, “Spanish Gemology Institute”. We have staff who hold diplomas from the Spanish Geological and Mining Institute.

We guarantee you the highest market valuation.

CasaEmpeño contract of Omega Constellation Chronometer Automatic Watch

Casaempeño, ensures the total transparency of its contracts and the security and guarantees that you deserve.

Contracts at Casaempeño are a purchase contract with a buyback agreement, which ensures that you can recover your jewellery when you want to.

At Casaempeño we do not judge your economic situation, we only want to help you.

At Casaempeño, using only your national identity number, you can sign a contract, pawn and obtain cash on the same day.

Our guarantee is your jewellery or belongings of personal value.

You do not lose your jewellery, you only leave it with us until you can take it back.

Casaempeño understands that urgent situations are not planned and therefore we are quick and make the procedure easier for you so that you can have your cash within 24 hours. We even come to your residence to collect the belongings that you want to pawn.

We spare no expense on security and guarantee that your possessions will be in safe-keeping 24 hours per day.

At our premises we have security cameras, the windows are reinforced, we have alarms, video surveillance, movement sensors, etc.

Casaempeño has contracts with the best surveillance companies and insurers in order to offer you a 100% guarantee, we work with the best nationwide insurance companies. We do not skimp on security when it comes to keeping your jewellery and objects of personal value secure.

Our portfolio of clients attests to our work and is the best guarantee of our 30 years of service and dedication.

We have been in the industry for many years. Many customers who have placed their trust in us, continue to do so every day. What could be a better guarantee than that?

Contact us for information or guidance about pawning: rings, coins, earrings, bracelets, chains, medals, brooches, pins, watches, stamps, chokers, necklaces, cufflinks, tie clips, lighters, gold, silver, jewellery, rubies, diamonds, gemstones…

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