1. What kind of property I can pawn?

We pawn jewelrypawn gold, Watches, Diamonds, Gemstones, Ipads, Iphohe’sy generally anything that has a market value. Our advice to our customers is always the same: “Lose nothing by asking”. Send your query.

  1. What is the amount of effort I give?

Each offer will be considered individually. Customer will be offered different amounts depending on your needs all the way that our team set pricing based on the market value of the property to pawn.

  1. How long I can get money with my jewelry?

Once Casaempeño has the contract signed by both parties transfer or cash income is realized in the shortest possible. Casaempeño.com capital recognizes the needs of our customers and that’s why we have simplified the process to avoid unnecessary time delays. Our customer commitment is total in the whole process.

  1. What are the costs charged me?

You will only pay the monthly expenses that apply to maintain in force the buyback option. These expenses will be set individually for each contract and will be communicated to the customer prior to signing the contract. This will ensure full transparency and customer peace of mind to know who will pay monthly and payment deadline.

  1. What guarantees do I have that I will not lose my jewelry?

All. While the contract is in force no one but you can buy her jewelry and exercising its option to repurchase, recover their property where deemed appropriate.

  1. Where and who saved my jewelry?

Your goods will be stored under strict security measures. Our facilities have security safes, recording, 24hr private security systems and security of one of the strongest insurance companies nationwide.

  1. What is the duration of the contract?

The minimum duration of the contract is collected 1 month, from there you can renew the buyback option many times as needed to pay only the cost of custody.

  1. How do I renew my contract?

The contract expires 30 signature days. To renew and should not have the liquidity necessary to conduct the repurchase and cancel the contract (initial amount delivered more custodial fees), You can renew your contract, namely, renew the buyback option, that is to pay only the costs incurred to date. Thus, his contract shall be automatically renewed for another 30 days and so on for as long as needed. That way you can continue to maintain its good deal without full payment to paying only the monthly expenses associated.

  1. What if I did not pay the monthly expenses to keep the repurchase option?

The goods become the property of Casaempeño.com who reserves the right for sale, exploitation or other actions that the company deems it appropriate. Notwithstanding the previous, our company always gives complimentary several days delay in payment to restore or renew the contract.

  1. ? I can make payment for my goods or repurchase of expenses through the bank?

Yes, in fact it is the usual way. By joining our BBVA bank account provided in the contract or by transfer.

  1. What is the payment deadline?

30 working days from the date of signature or previous renewal. For customer convenience we always aim the payment deadline in the contract and explicitly mentioned at renewal.

  1. Where I can collect my jewelry?

In our facilities or at home through SEUR. See location.


If you have more questions about the pawnshops or the determination of property

please contact us and send your inquiry.