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Video of pawn in Casaempeño

  • Request appointment

    Request appointment

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    Call us and request information will clarify all your questions and concerns you have about the pawn.

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  • Certification and valuation

    Certification and valuation

    Help us value. Describes its object, fill in your details and we do the rest.

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  • Presentation of the offer

    Presentation of the offer

    More simple,
    More safe,

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  • Custody of belongings

    Custody of belongings

    Casaempeño works with the best companies nationwide both sending and custody of belongings.

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“I could pay the bills overdue mortgage. Today I can finally breathe easy and still maintain my mother’s jewelry.”

“I ran out of unemployment assistance and my personal situation was critical. Thanks to casaempeño could recover. Today I have work and my life has changed. I sincerely thank you.”

Thanks to Casaempeño I could pawn watches one of my personal collection to make some investments in the stock market.